Communication hierarchy

  • ragedavis


    After "accidentially" finding this project, I found out that it would be just great for our
    Battlefield 2 tournament, if just one more feature would be included:

    But first, to give an idea what I am talking about, I will give a short description, what the communication looks like and how we used teamspeak to do so until now.

    We have a field commander, up to 8 squadleaders and in each squad about 5 players. Communications take place
    a) within the squad, all squadmembers plus squadleader in one subchannel ("There is someone between those two containers!")
    b) between the squadleaders, which are in different channels, see a) ("Let us rush in together!")
    c) commander to squadleader, giving orders when needed ("Squad 1 takes ..., squad 2 take the jeep from...!")
    d) squadleader to commander ("Reqeusting a UAV overflight!")
    e) squadleader and commander to special units like air- crews ("Requesting helicopter support, bomb drop..")

    Therefore, the squadleaders, commander and special units turn on the channel commander in Teamspeak, while squadleaders aand squadmembers are in the same subchannel and, combined with a hotkey for "whisper to all channel commander in same subchannel" we have the needed hierarchy. Of course " same subchannel"is needed to prevent the enemy from listening.

    The my request here, in short, is a feature of an additional flag, users can turn on, maybe something like


    plus a way to whisper to the by a hotkey!


    P.S.: Great tool so far, superb latency, great speech quality!

    • ragedavis

      Hi again!

      I think, I got the idea of the linking method!

      But to be honest, I see a new problem turn up, when using this:
      First, the commander sometimes needs to talk to some (or all) squadleaders at
      the same time, but I haven´t figured out, if he can be linked to several
      channels at the same time. And even if this is possible, he would hear anything the squadleaders say to their squadmembers, not hearing the squadmembers and therefore not knowing if he is talked to, or the squad...

      Second, the squadleader isn´t always the same player, sometimes even changes during the round (game crashes, disconnect, little sister needs to start her file- sharing- tool, what ever), but I think changing the ACL during game might be a bit odd for taking too long, even if it can be done dynamically.

      Compared to this, setting a simple flag with a hotkey, or (as squadleader) joining a second channel might be the quicker, easier and therefore better solution.
      In my eyes this would increase the usabilty of Mumble even more.
      Specially, when u take a look at the forum of our tournament, one of the first and most frequently aksed questions is:
      Does it have something like a channel commander to put up the command- level- stuff??

      I´ve also been in another BF2 tournament called 21st Century Warfare, and even if they required a much complexer teamspeak- configuration, they used the channel commander in teamspeak just the same way.

      Therefore i am sure, that Mumble itself could greatly benefit form this feature, as several
      other tournaments could be "converted" to Mumble easier.


      BTW: What about the positional audio plugin for BF2? I can´t find it anywere!
      Maybe it was taken offline, because it was considered to be a hack and therefore resulted in Punkbuster- kicks?

      • Actually, you can easily configure it so the squad leader also has to press (and hold) a button to reply to the commander. But at that time both the commander and the squad will hear his reply. That would solve your problem, I think.

        Yes, many people find innovative ways to use the channel commander flag, but that's becuase that was the only option they had :)

        For the 0.9 series we had a fully dynamic BF2 link script, which moved players to correct channels and put people in the right groups. It hasn't been updated to the 1.0.0 branch yet though. The reason is mostly the same as for the postional plugin being "gone": I kind of stopped playing BF2, and nobody else has volunteered to keep it updated. If you want to update either that would be great :)