New version

  • daz

    Hi there,

    Is there any news on an expected version release?

    I'm especially looking for a new static version as version one quits on my server.


    • M^3

      Wow Thorvald, you have been committing a lot to SVN lately (I browse it to keep up on whats coming up), when is the next release 'scheduled'?

      • I still want to figure out what the hang bug some people experience with murmur on Win32 is.

        There's also some stuff to be done with the audio statistics.

        And the "spamming text message" limiter. Though no implementation there will be perfect, so I might stick my hand in the sand and ignore the issue.

        So.. "When it's done"? :)

    • daz

      Sorry did i forget to say fantastic work by the way.
      I just installed big drive and debian on server, just so could get this going.
      going strong now cheers!!

    • Pilot_51

      It would be nice to know when 1.1.0 is expected, but I'm more curious why slicer seemingly disappeared. The tracker has barely been tended to for awhile and I haven't seen him post for awhile. My best guess is that he's got school taking up his time, but I don't even know how old he is so I could easily be wrong.
      1.1.0 could come out next year for all I care, 1.0.0 is already better than any voice chat program I know, I just want to know that progress is being made.

      • It has been stated quite a few times that we're planning on a 1.1 release after Ubuntu 7.10 is released, so sometime after Oct 18th.

        I got a new job a few months back and it's been keeping my busy, so while there has been some minor progress made on various items, there haven't been any implementation marathons as you saw this summer.

        • Pilot_51

          Ah, good to know. I was in the dark for awhile as to what exactly was going on. I knew something about 1.1.0 waiting for an Ubuntu release, but I didn't know when that release was expected.

          What kind of job if you don't mind my asking?

    • gabrielcz

      Talking about ubuntu 7.10, I think it´s a REALLY GOOD IDEA, to add everythink to a repository on deb files :P


      • The plan is to get Mumble into 8.04.

        Have a look at

        The way I see it, the ideal solution is if the official Ubuntu release and our own releases use the exact same build files (debian/ dir).