help with mumble

  • hedghok

    wel there a problem with me and istalling
    i have win8 and i tryed to instal mumble 1.2.3 but i stop when i try to instal it then i closed the instal and try it again and it says

    ya have a instal of mumble in progress and needs to be finshed first before doing the new instal
    but the thing is i stop the last instal and it wont work over and over

    so i looked on the internet what the problem was and i saw that win8 dont support mumble 1.2.3

    so i got me the mumble 1.2.4

    but still the error comes when i try to instal it i still the same it wont work

    i already tryes to reboot my pc but the problem is still there

    so can somebody help me to find what the problem is

    M.V.G D.SMoKe

    Last edit: hedghok 2013-02-28