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What are Anonymous Statistics ip ranges?

James Chen
  • James Chen
    James Chen

    We deployed mumble client to 80 workstations and would like to contribute to
    the project with the opt-in to submit usage statistics. What are the ports and
    ip-ranges used when the program submits this data? We need to allow this for
    our firewall rules and don't have the luxury of time to wireshark this info
    myself ;)

  • Stefan H.
    Stefan H.

    Hi. Thanks for wanting to contribute.

    As we didn't have that information in our wiki already I did a small write-up
    of the interesting stuff ( Here's the part relevant to
    your question:

    Mumble uses either https or http over standard ports for talking to our
    services. Hosts that might be contacted are:,,
    * . Currently these domains are assigned to the following IPs
    (might change in the future): / / * (exceptions below) /

    • Usage statistics are submitted via a http post request to on port 80.
    • Crashreports are submitted as https post requests to on port 443
    • The channel list, overlay-, plugin- and client updates are retrieved via a http get request to on port 80 on first try or as a fallback. During later exchanges the regional mirrors * will be used. If all of these are unreachable is tried.