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Why mumble isn't in ubuntu repository?

  • Garret

    I think that would be good to gain visibility for mumble finding it in various distro repository(for example i ubuntu there isn't..)

    Then why teamspeak yes and mumble that it's GPL not?

    • Brutus

      I would love to see Mumble in Ubuntu. Pleas keep us posted on this subject.

      Maybe the new 'Personal Package Archiev" thingy on Launchpad could be interesting too:

    • Probably because noone has made a concentrated effort to get it in the official distro :) Ubuntu is our official Linux build platform (and what we ship binaries for), so it's probably time.. But, to be honest, I never bothered to sift through all the ubuntu documentation to find out exactly where to go and who to talk to to get something into the repository.

    • Garret

      Today i have contacted my italian friend Trevino. I have told him the situation and i suggest him to add mumble and murmur in his repo. Who is Trevino? He's the official maintener of compiz-git/fusion(and ex-beryl project) and also a big developer(who don't trust me see this -> ). So now who in ubuntu has compiz(now almost all XD ) sure he'll have also mumble and murmur through synaptic !!!

      Is it awesome :D ?

      He told me to advert him when a new release is ready because in his repo he has a lots of packages to control.

      I hope in this manner to gain visibility for this project.

      In this period i have a lots of exams at university but i hope to release in august a first Italian translation too.

      But is there a "little problem". For Trevino the structure of the .deb packages is "incomplete", because he said there aren't for example the "includes"(i don't know what they are..) and he talked me about a structure like mumble, mumble-server and libmumble(a more "clean" solution..). So he emailed me a proposed architecture version for debian(you can find it here -> ). Admins should be say if for you is ok? if you are agree with this structure, and i think also for next releases...

      The packages are now in his repository(but i don't have checked yet what they are :/).

      Let me know if the thing is "doable".