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3 years with Mumble - Review and possible Improvements

  • silver


    first of all a big thank you to all the engineers and everyone who's supporting mumble. You did and do a really great job.

    I'm using my german murmur server since 3 years. I'm myself a software engineer as well. Mumble is exactly what i need for my community. It's not just for my clan.... i'm using it for other purposes as well.

    Since i helped at least 300 players to install and configure mumble on their PC, i want to complaint about the standard settings of mumble and request a change in the standard settings.

    1. First of all, the "Text to speech" feature. It's a great feature for disabled people, but should be turned off, since most of the people are not disabled. If someone is running a Windows installation with any other language except english.... the text to speech functionality is crappy. Most of the users are on a windows. 100% of the users turned this functionality off. No program in the entire world turns the disabled functionality on by default.
      Also certain spam robots are missusing this functionality to spam users with the "text to speech" functionality. Because of that, some users are leaving my mumble server.

    2. The next thing is about a certain label in the settings window. None of my users was able to find the setting for the "expand" functionality (Under Settings >> User Interface >> "Expand"), because nobody of my users could imagine what the german word "Expandieren" stands for. This should be changed to "Kanalanzeigeverhalten" (Channel display behavior) or similiar.

    3. "Users above Channels" should be turned on, since it's confusing if users are "under" the channel. I know that similar software do not have this behaviour, but if we want to rebuild teamspeak we wouldn't need mumble.

    4. Last but not least: The first time you are connecting to a server and it doesn't has a trusted certificate it show you a warning message. This is not necessary. You can show a warning message in the log. That enough. Since 99% of the servers do not have a certificate, i would suggest to show a symbol in the server list, or distinguish by color.

    I would say number 3 and 4 are nice to have, but number 1 and 2 is a "must have", since my users are complaining about it.

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    One more thing is the version numbers. I'm not a friend of jumping through version numbers like firefox does, but please if you include a major change do not hesitate to not just change the last digit. The mumble version numbers are against every system which i learned during my study.

    For example 1.2.0 should be a 2.0.0 since major changes were introduced into mumble. 1.2.4 should be 1.3 now since it is introducing a new codec.
    Many users thought that the 1.2.0 client was compatible to 1.1 since they thought it's a minor release.

  • Stefan H.
    Stefan H.

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you like Mumble.

    1) The TTS has nothing to do with disabled users. It allows you to hear who (as in name) is coming/leaving and what's written in chat while in-game or otherwise occupied. I consider that a feature and it can be easily turned off in the wizard before it speaks a single word. Defaults are always a tricky topic. We should collect more metrics on settings sigh

    2) That wouldn't be a translation though and would fit the drop-down options. If we change the source string for that and the drop down we'd invalidate all other translations. How about "aufklappen" or "auffächern"?

    3) Good news. We already changed that for the upcoming 1.2.4 ;) I think the origin of the default was simply "that's the way a file browser does it".

    4) That wouldn't be a good idea security wise. There's a reason browsers are so obnoxious about it ;) In a MITM scenario on the connection password auth and tokens would be immediately compromised on connect. If you ignore/don't see the warning in the log (e.g. if you are using minimal mode/auto-reconnecting) voice and chat are also compromised for the session. I think the current behavior is a reasonable tradeoff.

    5) Hehe. We had the discussion back before 1.2.0. 2.0 was supposed to be video ;) I was for the version bump. Now we'll probably do it when we break protocol next time (don't think that'll happen soon) or with the next big thing (TM). I'd be in favor of ditch the last digit if we go to 2.X ;)

  • silver

    Thanks for the reply stefan.

    I read your comments carefully, especially number 1. If mumble is delivering this as a default, the "software vendor" should make sure it works properly. It obviously does not on 80% of the installations. Did you hear the polish man/lady talking or the german? This is just not acceptable.
    We can't build ferraris with a lowered suspension for offroad use. I know this isn't mumbles fault, but you have to consider it if you add features or set your defaults.

    Answer to number 2: I can live any other translation except "Expandieren"

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