#919 Overlay disappears (Windows 8 & Win Server 2012)


I'm running Windows Server 2012, and in some games (GW2, Planetside 2, Civilization 5), the overlay will never show up. It also won't show up in Firefox if I unblacklist firefox.exe. In League of Legends, the overlay will appear (and function) for a few seconds and then disappear while on the loading screen (it does this everytime).

I'm chalking it up to the problem being because it's Windows Server Edition, and something mumble relies on is missing, but the games don't crash, nor does mumble, and there is nothing in any log files I have found. I would like to continue using Win Server 2012, and the mumble overlay, so any help in finding the cause of the issue would be great :)

The teamspeak 3 overlay functions without any problems, but I'm not sure how the different the injection routines are between mumble and ts3. The games also run without a hitch at 80-100+ fps, just like they do in Win7.


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  • Kissaki

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  • Kissaki

    The overlay has been fixed at least for GW2 and LOL (see GW2 bug ticket).
    Official snapshots with the fix will be available soon after the 1.2.4 release.

    Please create separate tickets for the individual games. Unless the source of the problem is objectively very likely to be the same source this throws too much stuff into one ticket.
    Please test Planetside 2 and Civilisation 5 with your own after-1.2.4 branch build if you can - or wait for the snapshots, and report back if it works now;
    and fix the wiki page http://mumble.sourceforge.net/Overlay#Incompatible_games
    (if it works then "fixed in 1.2.5" should be added).
    Thank you.

    Feel free to create new and separate tickets for the individual issues, if such tickets do not exist yet.

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