#872 Some people connect, but no traffic

Murmur (142)


I've been hosting my own mumble server for a while now 80+ users.
But the newer users are having problems (and people who have to reinstall) by beeing able to log on to the server, but unable to see anything.
If I look at the logs it says nothing, If i look at the information on the specific users it shows no packets or pings sent and received.

I've tried troubleshooting with the different options I've seen on forums, but nothing solves our problem. QoS, forced TCP and so on.

Our issue appears at random and if you got it your fucked... then it works from time to time..
I've blamed their ISP since some of them have same provider, but today I had a guy that had done a complete reinstall of his computer log on. his mumble worked until I tried to change his name to a name already used by his previous install. When he relogged to update the namechange he got the issue.

Now I've run out of ideas on how to reproduce the issue or fix it.. Atm I have 10 guys not able to log on with this issue. All with different ISP, PC, MAC and operating system.

The only thing they have similar is that if they log onto public servers it works fine..

So is it me? it works for 90% of my users..
Can I get some help solving this? And what do you need?


  • unliketea

    Not sure if this will help or not, but its solved a few problems for some of my users ... those that have issues, try asking them to reduce their input quality to under 30kb/s, thereby forcing use of the speex codec instead of CELT.

    This has solved issues related to lag, continual and random disconnects, and even unresponsive PTT ... at least it has for me.


  • Kissaki

    Do you still have this issue?

    On what kind of system do you run the server?
    A remote hosted server?
    Do you use any Ice scripts?

    Is it all the new users from a specific point in time? Or just some? Some few?

  • Kissaki

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