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#869 Volume stuck

Mumble (544)

I opened two copies of mumble at the same time(was wanting to test to see if it would work).
(Opened up 2 copies of mumble by creating a shortcut, then adding "-m" to the end of the target in the properties.)
When some one started talking, the volume on other applications (Mozilla Firefox, global agenda) were lowered, but the volume never returned back to normal.
I have tried restarting the applications and restarting my computer, changing the settings for attenuate (turning on/off, max min setting), but all it did was cause the volumes to reduce further.


  • Anonymous

  • That's a known issue of having more than one client with attenuation enabled open (and one of the reasons why running more than one client is not really supported). You have to disable the attenuation feature in one of those clients to prevent the volume problem.


  • Anonymous

    I understand now that the feature has to be disabled, but i can't figure out how to return the volume of the programs back to normal.
    Even after restarting, the volume of the programs that were open are stuck with no volume.
    Is there a way to return the volume back to normal?


  • Anonymous

    Ok figured out how to fix the problem.
    Went into volume mixer settings, and found that it had settings for application sound.
    From there i just turned the volume for every application all the way up.
    figured I'd post my fix in case some else comes across this problem ^_^