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Mobile tools

Finally, the first stub of JDialer's mobile tools is complete and functional.

Actually it can only download the phonebook from a mobile device and add the numbers in the local phonebook if they aren't already present.

It won't be released soon, but if you want to try it, check this page: http://www.jdialer.net/info/daily.php

The main problem is that mobile devices are slow to respond, and while the program is awaiting for a respond, it doesn't do anything. Honestly, most of users would think it crashed.... read more

Posted by LtWorf 2006-03-29

Stallman's conference

He didn't talk about linux. He talk about GNU/Linux, he was very clear about why whe should say GNU/Linux instead of linux.
I agree with him, so i will replace Linux with GNU/Linux in jdialer's home page.

Posted by LtWorf 2006-03-27

Migration complete.

After some irrilevant code changes, and some tests, JDialer now is able to use gnu.io package to access serial ports, instead of Sun's javax.comm
This migration is due to the bad support offered by Sun.
They retired the Windows version of the package (maybe to promote non-free solutions by other producers?) and the Linux version didn't run.

This is not a problem for JDialer. The new version (will be released within this week) will be able to run everywhere.

Posted by LtWorf 2006-02-17

Migrating from javacomm API

JDialer uses javacomm to interact with serial ports.
Version 2 of javacomm, produced by Sun, is released for Windows and Solaris only.
Rxtx.org is a project released under LGPL to let applications use javacomm on Mac and Linux too.

Lately Sun has released javacomm 3, for Solaris and Linux.
There is not a Windows version and I was unable to find the prev version on their site.
I've tried the linux one and it doesn't work.
I've tried combining the solaris version with rxtx and it doesn't work.... read more

Posted by LtWorf 2005-12-12

Automatic check for updates!

The next release of JDialer (version 1.2.4_02) will be able to check if there are updates online.
This is the most visible change of this update, but not the only one.
The text importer\exporter in the phonebook has been improved, the layout of the search window has been changed and now the sort is no more case sensitive.
Installer wizard has been changed... but not so much. Now it is possible to install the jar package or the sources directly from the setup.... read more

Posted by LtWorf 2005-11-11

Patch for the users of JDialer 1.2.4, jar version

Nic Thiele has discovered a bug. With this version of the jarfile, it will be impossible to dial any number and to modify the blacklist.
A patch is avaiable here
You'll need to replace the old jar file with the new one.

The bug doesn't affect versions not packaged inside a jar.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-09-13

New installer for JDialer

In the next release JDialer will use the Slava's Install Maker (known as jEdit's installer).
I am fixing up a few things to make JDialer and the installer combine, but seems this will take some time.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-08-09

Blacklist completed

Now JDialer is able to manage locked numbers.
You can lock a number or a prefix.
The list of locked numbers is located in the same path of jdialer, so if users don't have write permission in that folder, the root will be the only one able to modify the list.
This feature will be present in the next release 1.2.4.
Actually it is present only in the daily source page http://www.jdialer.net/info/daily.php

Posted by LtWorf 2005-07-13

French langpack released

Thanks to Adrien PICARDAT JDialer 1.2.3 supports French too.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-05-27

JDialer home page

To get more detalied informations about JDialer, now you can go to http://www.jdialer.net

Posted by LtWorf 2005-05-17

Aaargh a bug! JDialer is not fully unicode

Langpacks and help file are now encoded using UTF-8 but the data of the phonebook and the setting files are still saved using the old encoding.
I will fix the phonebook and the setting file within this week, without compromising the compatibility.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-05-17

New release: 1.2.2

Now langpacks use the UTF-8 encoding. Prev released langpacks can't be used with this release.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-05-14

New release: 1.2.1

Improved, icons are different and there is a splashscreen (thanks to Gabrielle Nowicki), some bugs about loading files are fixed.
Added a README file.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-04-30

Bugfix report

Now at the first run, if javax.comm isn't installed JDialer will crash before starting to save the settings file.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-04-27

JDialer 1.2.0 prev

Prev release of JDialer 1.2.0.
A few of icons and graphic elemenst will be changed in the final version.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-04-25


The window to show the help is ready. Supports a tree of topics and the search of one or more words in the text.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-04-13

Popup menu improved

Less memory required for the popup menu.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-04-08

Popup menu

Added popup menu in text fields.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-31

Faster phonebook

Instead of saving the pbonebook file on each close, the file will be saved only if it has been changed.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-25

Modem Intel 536EP

Thanks to Roberto Diricio. He wrote an ini file to support this modem.
The ini will be part of the next release. If you need it now, visit his page

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-22

New Realse: 1.1.0

Today JDialer 1.1.0 was released: faster and more affordable!

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-22

New Feature: Settings in home directory

Now, settings and phonebook are stored in a folder called ".JDialer" in the home directory, so different users will be able to have different settings and phonebook.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-19

Bugfix report

Added a timeout and removed a "Thread.sleep". I was using this one to give to the modem enough time to respond, but using the timeout this is no longer necessary.
So now if you have a good modem, JDialer will be faster initializing it.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-09

Bug found

If the serial port used isn't a modem, jdialer will not report anithing and the ModemSender class will not exit the loop, awaiting for the modem answer.
So for now you'd better configure manually by editing the ini file. I am working to add a timeout in the ModemSender class.

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-08

Dutch added

Added Dutch langpack 1.0.6
Thanx to:

Marcel van der Laan
Luit van Drongelen

Posted by LtWorf 2005-03-07