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Multinstaller / News: Recent posts

Planning migration from wxWidgets to Qt4

This project has been "stanby" for a while. Regarding this project, for some considerations I've made I've decided to use the Qt graphic library instead of the wxWidgets.

This means that next version will be awesome good-looking (well, I hope so...) but also means that quite a long time will pass until then.

I'll try to put into the SVN all the new changes.

Posted by Alex Barcelo 2008-04-27

Multinstaller French translation at the svn repository

French translation has been submitted to the svn. You can try it by retrieving the source code through the subversion repository. This new language is already enabled and works with the interface. There isn't (yet) a binary download with the new translation.

Posted by Alex Barcelo 2008-01-15