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i found some bug in it when trying to add new words to a empty fil, and when trying to add to words already in file.
Thise bug should be fixed..

Next i wanner try to make a practic list!

Posted by Jan Boesgaard 2005-11-01

First release

Thise is my first release version. I been working on thise in a short while. so no much translation at the moment.
And still many bugs!!

Know bugs
- Select lang use to Englich will not translate.
fix: make text in lang\englich.ini

- Make a sortway better in the language file.
- make seach from work
- Use can add more language to add for translation
- Add a pratic list
- make to the program check for double word in dic files.... read more

Posted by Jan Boesgaard 2005-10-29