MUIbase V2.8 for Linux, Windows and Amiga

MUIbase V2.8 has been released for Linux, Windows and Amiga. New features since V2.7 are:

o Window buttons always open windows (rather than open/close windows) on all systems.

o Include Check.mb (project for unit testing) in the binary distribution.

o New images for welcome window, about dialog, window title and window buttons (thanks to Christoph and Sebastian Pölzl).

o New PNG and Glow icon set (thanks to and Pascal Marcelin).

o Support for 64 bit Linux.

o Improved performance for importing records.

o Reworked the 'paths relative to dir of project' implementation.

o Improved character codeset conversion. Encoding of text files is auto-detected as one of UTF-8, locale encoding, or ISO-8859-1. Conversion errors are reported as warnings.

o Several bug fixes.

Steffen Gutmann, 28.03.2009

Posted by Steffen Gutmann 2009-03-28