MUIbase V2.5 for Linux, Windows and Amiga

MUIbase V2.5 has been released for Linux, Windows and Amiga. New features since V2.4 are:

o More options for reference popups: set of records can be computed
by a trigger function, initial and current record are optional,
layout using multi-column list.

o Labels of a string list pop-up can be computed by a trigger function.

o Option to treat pathnames relative to directory of project.

o Option "advance on enter" for jumping to next string field or staying
in current one.

o New preferences system: distinguish between user and project settings.
User prefs are saved immediately on any change.

o Raise GTK dependency from 2.4 to 2.6.

o Make more use of GTK 2.6 imaginary (icons in menus and buttons)

o New "About" dialog.

o De-implemented "Ok button is left" prefs item (use system setting).

o Allow non-ASCII characters in path names.

o Improved French documentation.

o Several bug fixes.

Steffen Gutmann, 6.6.2008

Posted by Steffen Gutmann 2008-06-06