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MUIbase V2.3 for Linux, Windows and Amiga

MUIbase V2.3 has been released for Linux, Windows and Amiga. New features since V2.2 are:

o Fully open source (GPL) including Linux and Windows versions.

o AmigaOS4 version by Alexandre Balaban.

o MorphOS version by Ilkka Lehtoranta.

o French translation of documentation by Alexandre Balaban.

o UTF-8 support. MUIbase project files are stored using UTF-8 encoding.
This requires the "codesets.library" to be installed on the system.

o Mason icon set.

o Option to include/exclude GUI elements from focus cycle chain.

o New constant for programming: OSTYPE which is either "Unix", "Windows"
or "Amiga".

o New option for FORMATMEMO allowing to define sections as single lines.

o Automatic update of virtual attributes when a dependent attribute
is changed or a record in a dependent table is added or deleted.

o Added option for keeping aspect ratio when scaling images.

o Improved handling for fixed and scrollable images.

o Support read-only boolean attributes correctly.

o Removed custom MUI classes from installer archive.

o Several bug fixes and little improvements.

Steffen Gutmann, January 3rd, 2008

Posted by Steffen Gutmann 2008-01-06