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development status

I have lost the source code I made the until the last release, so I have to start working on new version again...

But this time, it'll be much better, I hope.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Juraj Borza 2006-07-09

New version coming

Hi there, after a long pause from j2me programming I decided to revive this project and start doing new version. It may finally be usable for browsing :-)

It would introduce clickable hyperlinks, maybe graphical interface (not one as now - form interface) and some more.

I am really sorry this took so long, but I also maintain plenty of other projects, and I have a real life too :)

So when to expect mtwb 0.3?
In June 2005. Some preview releases may come until that date too.

Posted by Juraj Borza 2006-05-15