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#55 Export--A misnomer?


Well, I have no idea about anyone else, but when I
make a deck on the computer that I fall in love with, I
buy a physical counterpart. So, imagine my surprise
when I wanted a cardlist to take to the card shop and
the export gave me a funny XML document (and no
other choice from teh drop-down)! Perhaps this is
actually a glitch--I fail to see how this export is really
any good, especially since you can just browse for the
saved file which is in the same (?) format. This export
function is a bit of a headache to re-format, and, as
such, I feel it is less a feature request (exports usually
make it simpler, if anything else) and more of a bug. I
would imagine that no one is particularly picky, but it
would most certainly be nice to have a way to get a
nice cardlist. I have no idea how feasible it would be,
but while the export should have at least the number
and names of cards, having an edition list and/or rarity
would most certainly be nice.

OK, I just compared the first deck of mine I found with
the exported XML. Identical. Confirmed.


  • makkert

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    1) a bug is something that doesn't work as it was designed.
    this wasn't designed to be readable (yet).
    making this rather a RFE then a bugreport imho. but ok, at
    least you tought about what it was before you posted it,
    wich is more then most do. so, i won't bust ya balls on that ;)

    2) i believe leshrac has allready done some work on this:

    greetz Makkert