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#63 idea for card entry

Jim Randall

Now that my card database is > 1M, it takes a while every time you press the '=' key.
One thing that might make entry time faster is to add cards on the number keys as well.
For example, if I press the 4 key, have it add 4 of the cards to the current deck. Then the whole collection will be saved only
once instead of 4 times, leading to quicker entry on larger collections, and less synchronization errors.


  • There are couple of ways right now to enter number of cards - you can click on
    cell with number of cards and type4. Or you can double click on card and type in Count field.

  • A different solution is to pass the work off to a new, asynchronous, thread so the main gui remains responsive. It should be possible to delay initial execution to allow multiple key presses to be caught and processed at once.

  • If you have more than 4 cards it would be faster to inline edit count field and enter number there (it is already possible)



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