#346 mass list manipulation functions


I heavily use this program to manage card lists with an overall of +110k cards.
I 'loose' a lot of time splitting stacks/card piles to move them to another list.
Would it be possible to 'walk' through a list while moving cards to another list, asking the number of cards to move (suggested amount = previous amount).
This would speed up list manipulation.

I would also like the option to subtract a list from another one.
When I sold a 'wishlist' to someone, then I can easily update my list with remaining cards.
When a card is not found, a warning may be given (preferable a summary list at the end of the operation).

I'm also open for other suggestions to easily manipulate lists.


  • I am not sure what do you mean about splitting. It does prompt now, do you propose to change the prompt to remember previous amount?
    I do keyboard shorcuts to speed up, for example 2m - move 2 instances of selected card cards to active deck,etc

  • kannerke

    yes, it does prompt now, but I need to righ-click and select split for every card + right-click again to move the card to another list (or drag + drop).

    I like to have a mechanism like 'move to list X', which prompts automatically for each card in the source list. When you select to split e.g. 8 to 2:6, 2 cards are moved to the destination list (leaving 6 card in the source list) and a new prompt appears for the next card of the source list, asking to split for 2:X cards (when the next card has a count of 2 + X).

    Maybe with 3 buttons: ok (= split + move), cancel (= cancel operation) and skip (do nothing for the selected card and go to next card)

  • So you don't want keyboard shortcut to move X cards, you want command that
    can run on list of selected cards, but will prompt how much of which card to move, remembering previous selection. What to do with one card? Prompt or just move?

    For second feature you mentioned please enter another feature request.

  • kannerke

    the command should walk throug the complete source list.
    the command may indeed remelber the previous amount.
    for one card, still prompt (since you walk the entire list)

  • I still not sure why do you prefer prompt, rather then keyboard shortcut with count,
    if it is prompt you would have to go in the dialog and do some mouse dragging to specify count. What I am thinking is like:
    - You activate collection you want to move your cards to
    - You multi-select cards you want to move in another collection
    - You press lets say 2m - that would move 2 instances of first selected card into active collection
    - Then software de-selects this cards, leaving other selected cards
    - Now you press lets say 1m, which now applies to the next card in selection
    and so on

  • kannerke

    I don't understand why you multi-select cards in your scenario when you need to de-select every card afterwards.
    A keyboard solution is also fine for me.
    The scenario I have in mind is the follwoing:
    - You activate collection you want to move your cards to
    - You activate the collection you want to move to
    - You activate the 'move list' operation
    - now, the first card is selected
    - When I press 2m, 2 instances are moved to the first collection
    - When I press s (from 'skip') or 0m, no cards ware moved
    - after every move or skip operation, the program automatically selects the next card
    - this repeats until the last card of the list, then the operation stops (and maybe shows some statistics: moved x cards for instance)

    The prompt seems faster to me: when I want to move 2 or 0 instances of every card, I only need to select 2 once and click 'move' or 'skip' for every card in the source list (maybe add a 'move all' button for this occasion). With the keyboard, I need to press two keys instead of clicking once for each card.

    The 'power' of this operation (regardless of shortcuts or dialogs), is the fact it walks through the list automatically instead of searching/selecting each card you want to move.

  • Yeah that is what I said "Then software de-selects this cards", meaning it will automatically switch to the next card

  • Unfortunately my proposal did not worked out, I cannot easily set selection back (i.e move to next card automatically). For now I implemented two parameterized commands
    Split and Move (called Move to Active Collection (X) in keys preferences)
    and Split (X)
    X is the count from 1 to 4 of cards that can be moved or split. It does work on selection
    of multiple cards but it applies same operation to all of them. For example
    if I have
    A x 4
    B x 8
    I selected them both and typed "4 m" 4 of each of these cards will be moved to active deck/collection (with new date), leaving B x 4 in old collection
    Split command is not actually bound to keyboard, you can bind it in Keys preferences just make sure you select scope as "Magic Assistant windows" otherwise you cannot type numbers in filter box since it will be swallowed by command processor (if you command start with number key)

    This stuff posted on Beta site for trial



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