#345 Cards in hand issue


There is an issue the the "Hand" count in the draw simulation where occasionally instead of adding 1 when you click the "Untap and Draw" button it will add some other number. The number it adds does not appear to be random, but rather the "1" is increased under certain circumstances. I have not seen the number decreased back to 1. Once it starts happening it happens every time.

It appears to happen when I interact with the library. For instance, when I Kill a card (Burnished Hart), open my library, "Play" 2 lands directly from the library, close the library and then shuffle. Another instance where I believe it may have increased it is when I Kill a card from my hand (Diabolic Tutor to simulate play since it never enters the battlefield), open my library, "Return" a card to my hand, close my library and shuffle. Once it starts adding extra cards to the count, it will always add them. The only thing that will change is that it will sometimes increase the number again, adding more than 2 to the "Hand" count when I draw.

Also, sometimes when I "play" a card the count will be reduced to the correct number, but sometimes it will decrease by a different amount, I presume the number it is mistakenly adding instead of 1.


  • asmodee666

    Still not working. I noticed this time that after killing the Burnished Hart and playing 2 swamps from my library by highlighting both, right clicking and playing both simultaneously, closing, then shuffling my library it actually draws 2 identical cards for every draw after that. What card is drawn is different each time, but 2 identical cards are drawn every time.



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