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#263 Deck/collection custom categories

Dr. Pimpstick

Hey, is it possible to add custom categories to decks and collections? For example it's helpful to group cards by their function (ramp, draw, defense, etc). The "special" card tag does work for this purpose to a large degree, but it would be nice if there was a "group by" option for it (or a separate dedicated field), ideally with the ability to drag and drop cards between groups if that's feasible. Thanks for your work!


  • Group by abilities is available to some degree in the Abilities tab on the "deck view"
    If you open a main collection in this view and click on that tab you can see cards groupped by ability

  • Btw why do you need group? Search would not be sufficient? I added option to search
    for mined abilities, in filter in abilities tab you can type something like
    [draw] (using square brackets) which would search for cards with draw ability.
    I need to publish full list of mined abilities, but if you have big collection
    just open Abilities tab on it, and check Mined Abilities list

  • Dr. Pimpstick
    Dr. Pimpstick

    Cool, nice additions! Really it'd just be a way of viewing the deck like the abilities tab, but with custom categories for cases when a card's ability fills a general role in the deck, such as grouping oblation and aura shards as "removal" or karador and mikaeus as "recursion" just for the convenience of having them listed next to each other in this way. Not sure how helpful it would be to most people, but I'd find it useful. The mined ability filter does seem powerful, I'll try it out!



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