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#246 Dragging a card from collection to virtual deck should work.


Right now when I drag a card from my collection to a virtual deck, I get an error dialog box that says: "Cannot perform this operation: Cannot move own cards to virtual collection. Use copy instead.".
It would be nice if instead of getting this dialog box, the application would interpret a drag of an owned card to a virtual deck as a copy operation instead of a move. (i.e. this would work as intended, the owned card count in my collection would stay the same, but the virtual card would also be added to the virtual deck).


  • The problem is then people would get confused why sometimes cares are copied and sometimes moved. What I can do instead is to add a button "Copy" into the dialog - and you press it it will copy. I also can I add checkbox "Do not prompt again"...

  • kovacs janos
    kovacs janos

    the reason i always use virtual deck is because when the first time i installed Magic Assistant, i created a deck, dragged cards to it, and decided to delete the deck, just to realize that those cards were deleted from the collection.
    but it is really annoying you can't drag-and-drop cards to a virtual deck by default.

    also another problem is when you try to add cards to a virtual deck's sideboard (at least last time when i used it) was that i could not directly drag/move from the deck itself, but had to move it from the collection and i think if i recall correctly, it affected ownership.
    it was like the deck was virtual but the sideboard is not

  • Why you cannot drag from collection to sideboard?
    Just arrange views side by side and you can drag (assuming sideboard and deck both have same ownership)

  • kovacs janos
    kovacs janos

    tried just now:
    -create virtual deck
    -drag cards from collection
    -error message pops saying "use copy instead"

    found another bug:
    -open sideboard for virtual deck
    -drag cards from magic database (NOT collection) to sideboard
    -it will increase the own count in the collection
    -deleting the card will not decrease the own count, only restarting the the game



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