Frans van den Bergh

MTF mapper is a collection of tools to measure edge acuity using MTF50 (Modulation Transfer Funcion) values. The core tool can automatically detect dark roughly-rectangular objects on light backgrounds, and extract MTF50 values across each of the edges of these objects.

A tool for generating synthetic images of rectangles with known MTF50 values is included.

Another tool is provided to generate SVG images of rectangular targets. This can be used to print suitable targets for camera/lens performance analysis.

Lastly, using the provided calibration target images (printed and captured with the camera of your choice), you can determine where the point of sharpest focus is relative to the point selected for autofocus via your camera. If your DSLR allows for autofocus fine-tuning (e.g., Nikon D7000 and pro bodies), you can use this tool to calibrate a lens/body combination in an objective way.

Please read the Windows installation instructions to get started!