mt-daapd version 0.2.1-pre1 released

mt-daapd is an attempt to build an iTunes-compatible server for POSIX machines.

To that end, I submit version 0.2.1-pre1 for your enjoyment. This is a development release, but passes the strict "It Works For Me" quality assurance process I use to determine release candidates, and may work. Given, of course, that you liberally define the word "work".

This version has query and browse support, necessary to act as a server for the Roku SoundBridge and perhaps other embedded daap clients. It offers improved tag handling, quicker connect response, a richer playlist scripting syntax, whiter whites, and minty fresh breath.

As always, please leave feedback and bug reports in the trackers or the forums.

Share and enjoy.

-- Ron

Posted by Ron Pedde 2004-10-25