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MS.Services / News: Recent posts

MS.Services 1.0.3

A new version is available that includes support for XMLRPC, REST, many improvements and bug fixes on the old version.

Also a whole new installer.

Posted by Mert Sakarya 2007-06-18

Small fix on 1.0 setup

I've made a samll fix on setup program.
Now it also supports, .Net Framework 2.0 evelopment WebServer (former Cassini).
Now the new version is 1.0.1

Posted by Mert Sakarya 2007-02-23

MS.Services 1.0 available

New and stable runtime and design time version of MS.Services is available. There are a lot of new features and a much better installer in this version. We are currently using this code on our live environment on six web servers successfully.

Posted by Mert Sakarya 2007-02-22

A note on MS.Services and what it does

I know it is hard to understand what this project does.
My main goal on the project was;
- Just select a stored procedure and make it available as a service over HTTP to the world
- The SP parameters, become the Web Request Parameters, which can be passed with GET or POST (and also SOAP requests)
- Do Basic-Authentication (via Database or AD)
- Log to some source (MAIL, File, Events, MSMQ etc) if needed,
- Do both client and server side caching,
- Enable "Compression"
- Provide help over HTTP
- And generate output as WebService, JSON (Javascript object), Excel file, Text File and RSS... read more

Posted by Mert Sakarya 2006-06-12

First release of MS.Services on Sourceforge.net

Finally I've had time to upload the source and binaries of MS.Services. Feel free to contact me at mertsakarya@hotmail.com for problems and advice. It is a pretty big system. It might be hard to configure and manage the system for the first time.

Posted by Mert Sakarya 2006-05-29