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+Notes for building MSPGCC4 on MinGW:
+1. Binutils, libc and GDB are built automatically without any problems
+2. Due to the unreasonable double path system (/c/xxx vs. c:/xxx) the following workaround steps are required to build GCC:
+2.1. The MPFR's libtool should be replaced by a wrapper around MSys libtool:
+	#! c:/msys/bin/sh.exe
+	libtool $*
+2.2. The MPFR include path can be set incorrectly. If this happens, replace all '-I/c/' with '-Ic:/' in gcc-build/gcc/Makefile
+2.3. If a nested call to mingw32-make in gcc-build/gcc fails with strange error messages involving incorrect '\', just restart it manually.
+2.4. The xgcc.exe cannot correctly invoke cc1 and ld. Thus, when libgcc compilation fails, the following needs to be done:
+	* Go to gcc-build/gcc directory and run 'mingw32-make install' to install xgcc in its 'prefix' location
+	* Set PATH so it covers the directory containing msp430-xxx binaries
+	* Go back to gcc-build/msp430/libgcc and relaunch "configure" using the information from config.log
+	* Install the libgcc using msys make (make install), not the MinGW make (mingw32-make install)