Commit Date  
[r104] by bazis

Added scripts for stripping toolchain executables and replacing duplicate binaries with universal gcclauncher binary.

2010-02-18 10:47:57 Tree
[r103] by bazis

Removed linker scripts override, that is no longer required.
Added support for updated msp430-libc builds

2010-02-18 09:53:08 Tree
[r102] by ma-work

We're now using wget -N for MPFR, remove from TODO.txt.

2010-02-11 20:30:27 Tree
[r101] by ma-work

Note MPFR exception; Ivan replaced dialog(1).

2010-02-11 20:29:03 Tree
[r100] by ma-work

Mark executable.

2010-02-11 20:26:58 Tree
[r99] by ma-work

Minor fixes:

Use /usr/bin/env to search for perl (/bin/perl is quite uncommon)
Run perl with -w flag
Mark executable with svn:executable property.

2010-02-11 20:26:48 Tree
[r98] by ma-work

Use wget -N for mpfr, to avoid pointless re-fetch as foo.1, foo.2, ... (tested)

2010-02-11 20:20:32 Tree
[r97] by ma-work

Minor fixes and improvements:

- check for write errors and abort if any
- add missing EOL sequence at file end
- run with -w and use strict
- fix a perl -w warning and use $lastFunctionName
- change shebang to let /usr/bin/env search for perl
- Usage hints to - arguments for stdin/stdout

2010-02-11 20:19:37 Tree
[r96] by bazis

Fixed path to MinGW workaround script

2010-02-11 17:16:51 Tree
[r95] by ma-work

replace ill-defined .tbz suffix, use .tar.bz2.

2010-02-11 16:55:25 Tree
[r94] by ma-work

Add build prefix also in prompt.

2010-02-11 16:54:14 Tree
[r93] by ma-work

Further $* -> "$@" fixes.

2010-02-11 16:53:21 Tree
[r92] by ma-work

$* -> "$@", fix formatting

2010-02-11 16:52:12 Tree
[r91] by bazis

Added patch for binutils 2.20

2010-02-10 09:14:36 Tree
[r90] by bazis

Fixed gdb 7.0.1 version detection
Fixed "buildgcc" script generation

2010-02-09 22:00:14 Tree
[r89] by bazis

Integrated cc430 patches

2010-02-09 21:58:10 Tree
[r88] by bazis

Added support for gcc 4.4.3 and gdb 7.0.1
Added support for interactive builds on systems without dialog
Updated version tag
Added workaround script for automatic building on MinGW

2010-02-09 21:25:42 Tree
[r87] by bazis

Removed unnecessary MSPGCC 3.x CVS checkout when building GCC 4.x

2010-02-09 17:03:41 Tree
[r86] by bazis

Fixed incorrect stack allocation in main()

2010-02-03 09:53:20 Tree
[r85] by bazis

Fixed line endings and added MinGW compilation problem list

2010-01-24 17:27:53 Tree
[r84] by bazis

Improved MinGW compatibility

2010-01-24 17:23:32 Tree
[r83] by ma-work

Fix compilation of GCC 3.

Its configure scripts don't escape with --with-pkgversion arguments properly,
which b0rks the configure arguments. Replace blank by underscore.

2010-01-18 16:10:10 Tree
[r82] by bazis

Added different prefix for MinGW-based builds

2010-01-17 16:49:59 Tree
[r81] by bazis

Added MSPGCC4 version specification to GCC configure options.
Updated version tag to 'r<release number>-<build date>' for easier version tracking

2010-01-17 15:08:39 Tree
[r80] by bazis

Added support for overriding GCC prefix in Windows registry

2010-01-17 15:02:53 Tree
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