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Read Me

Parallel Port JTAG Interface

Sources for the MSP430mspgcc library, the Python extension using it
and the hardware access library HIL.

Description of the directories:

    Helper programs that are downloaded to the target.
    Require the mspgcc toolchain to compile (msp430-gcc etc.)

    The hardware layer is encapsulated in the HIL library.
    Sources for Linux and Win32 and tools for Win32.

    The MSP430mspgcc library communicates trough the JTAG with an
    attached MSP430 processor. It has support to read and write memory,
    erase and write Flash.

All makefiles contain targets for Win32 and Linux. If "WINDIR" is found
in the environment variables a Win32 build is assumed, linux otherwise. For
Linux, two options are supported:

- Parallel port device (ppdev). This requires a Linux 2.4 or newer kernel.
- Direct input/output (directio). This should work under any Linux kernel
  (tested under 2.2.14-5.0), but requires msp430-jtag to be run as "root".

If "DIRECTIO" is found in the environment variables, the direct I/O interface
will be used. Otherwise, ppdev is assumed.

GCC is required to compile on both platforms.

The giveio driver is required on Windows NT/2k/XP.
You must execute ``hardware_access/giveio/install_giveio.bat`` to install the


For the default (Linux ppdev) build::

  Type "make" in the jtag directory and hope ;-)

To build for direct I/O under Linux::

  env DIRECTIO=1 make

To build for Windows::

  env WINDIR=1 make

Then copy the resulting _parjtag (so or pyd) library in the pyjtag (separate
application) directory to be able to use pyjtag.
On Windows you'll need hardware_access/HILwin32_giveio/HIL.dll and
msp430/MSP430mspgcc.dll too.

Test, I usualy use: ``python -f ../jtag/funclets/blinking.a43``
in the python directory for a first connection test (LEDs on P1 and P2 are

As allways with open source - use at your own risk :-)
See also LICENSE.txt.

- TI MSP430 home:

- TI application notes:
  slaa149: "Programming a Flash-Based MSP430 Using the JTAG Interface"

chris <>