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#20 mspgcc on windows - problems with ld.exe and memory.x

Vitor Barbosa


first of all congratulations to everybody for the effort of developing a free MSP430 C compiler.

I have success using mspgcc and eclipse on windows with good results in the versions until mspgcc-20110716-p20111105.zip.

With all the versions mspgcc-...experimenatl.zip and have problems on the compilation of the program. The error is between ld.exe and memory.x (file not found).
I haven't changed the workspace, the paths and the compiler/linker options remains the same.
To test individually I downloaded the compiled packages, extracted them, renamed the folder to mspgcc and replaced the old ones. I'm sure that the paths point to the bin folders. The device is MSP430F2274 so the option --mmcu=msp430x2274 remains the same.
Have something changed in the mspgcc-...experimental.zip packages? Only in those packages this error happens.

Besides this with the packages until mspgcc-20110716-p20111105.zip I have success and I'm very surprised with mspgcc+eclipse+mspdebug behaviour

Kind regards,
With the previous packages


  • Peter A. Bigot
    Peter A. Bigot

    • status: open --> closed
  • Peter A. Bigot
    Peter A. Bigot

    If you are using 20110716, the genericized MCU identifiers are still accepted, and the problem may be that you are either not using msp430-gcc for linking or not passing -mmcu=msp430x2274 to the linker command. msp430-ld must be given the path to the MCU-specific scripts explicitly; msp430-gcc will add it to the link command if told the MCU to use.

    As I believe you saw on the email list, the genericized MCU identifiers are not supported in releases after 20110716 (the patches to that version do not count as a version change). -mmcu=msp430f2274 should work with both 20110716 and the development releases.

    Please follow-up to let me know whether there are any remaining issues.