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Erik Ykema
  • Erik Ykema
    Erik Ykema

    Hi Zoltan,
    Thanks for a great product! We started with, however prefer your product for ease of use and features, and being free.
    We use the tool to draw cross-system interactions, in a somewhat UML kind of style.

    Some feedback after using it a few weeks:
    1 - (Windows 7) when clicking more than once in the right-hand graphical diagram, the windows program crashes. This is very consistent can be repeated anytime. Is there a log file I can send you to check this.
    2 - the installer from Sourceforge won't run on WindowsXP-SP3 ("The operating system is not adequate for running Msc-generator".) I couldn't find a list of supported OSs - do you support WinXP or intend to?
    3 - mscgen.exe and also websequencediagrams have an option to activate/deactivate an activity bar automatically, which I like for request/response style interactions. Would a switch be possible, in combination with some syntax elements to use activate/deactivate by default. This would save a lot of typing and enhance the readability of the diagrams.
    4 - the activate/deactivate keywords are not listed as separate entries in your BTW excellent documentation. (That I guess you created with LaTex?)
    5 - sometimes the right-hand graphical diagram has a white-out and is mostly white and does not reconstruct correctly when sliding up and down with the right hand slider, and requires a restart of the application.

    Thanks again for a great product,
    PS: I am not authorized with my SourceForge account to create feature requests or bugs, but I guess this is the default.

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  • Hi Erik,

    1) I can see this bug, too. I added it to my list. Thanks.
    2) A while ago I gave up on supporting Windows XP. I can give it a try again - but I am sure that OLE functionality will be broken. I added XP to the installer so that it installs (see 3.5.8c-XP) - however, no warranties. Please let me know how it works. Note that the command-line version shall work on XP.
    3) Hm, I am not sure I can follow you here completely. Can you please elaborate a bit? Perhaps an example?
    4) Indeed, thanks! The documentation is written in texinfo, which can be compiled to latex (pdf), Windows Help and HTML.
    5) Can you narrow down this issue? Do you have a specific chart, size, situation, etc? Which version do you use?

    PS: I have no clue how to set the sourceforge permissions. Others seemed to have been able to create at least feature requests in the past. I have deleted your 2nd post nevertheless.

    • Erik Ykema
      Erik Ykema

      Hi Zoltan,
      A very late reply...
      2) Thanks for the XP version, this indeed worked fine.
      3) See e.g. an example at; in the roles you see a bar for the duration of the activity. That would be nice to have automatically e.g. for A->B: lookup X; B->A: reply; with a box/bar in B for this activity.
      5) I can provide an example diagram if you like, that has crashed for me. Have not been able to narrow it down.

      The diagramer is a great tool.

  • Hi Zoltan,

    In the latest version of the Msc-Generator, there seems to be a memory leak. Whenever I scroll up or down, the private working set of Msc-Generator seems to increase. I was working on one diagram and after a few hours, the memory used by the application increased to a bit over 1 GB. Just wanted to let you know of this issue. I have also tried versions 3.5.6 and 3.5.9 and they both seem to exhibit the same problem.

  • Hi,

    Thanks. I can see this. I have no clue yet what causes it, but I am looking.