#321 Selecting group of cells to make booking doesn't work on custom page


For one of my clients, I need to show (and allow entry into) all rooms within an area for a week. I have created a hybrid of day.php and week.php to show the hour slots within the days in a long list, and rooms (or roles) across the top.

This mostly works fine, but for some reason it has disabled the ability to create a booking by selecting cells. This functionality still works on the other views, but not on the new view 'week_area.php'.

I have attached the amended files below.

Any pointers you can provide as to what is preventing this from working would be much appreciated.

Additionally, I would like to be able to either have the header fixed and the body of the table scrolling, or the header repeated each day, but have not found an easy way to do this. I did try using CSS (create tbody class for scrolling with fixed width and overflow-y:auto) but it didn't seem to work.

Thanks in advance

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  • Could be all sorts of things going wrong. As you've probably worked out the relevant JavaScript is in js/resizable.js.php. I think you're just going to have go through this and find out what's going wrong using a few console.log() calls. However here are some pointers which may help:

    • the JavaScript relies on picking up some information about the main table from data- attributes in the HTML
    • it also needs to know what page it's on: it gets this information from args.page

    For fixing the header you could try fixing the position of the header user position: fixed and give it a positive z-index so that the rest of the page slides underneath it.




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