MRBS 1.4.6 released

This is a minor and release for MRBS 1.4. A number of security related
issues have been fixed, so users with previous versions of MRBS are
advised to update as soon as is practical.

Changed since MRBS 1.4.5:

  • Areas and rooms can now be disabled.

  • Updated translations for Portugese, French, Czech, Spanish.

  • Added missing escaping of some Javascript and HTML.

  • Added support for HTML emails, optionally with ICS attachments for
    "invitation" support.

  • Removed MRBS's non-Unicode mode. All installations will now run
    in Unicode, with all pages served as UTF-8 and all data in the database
    as UTF-8. If you upgrade an installation running in non-Unicode mode
    you must run the improved convert_db_to_utf8.php script, as detailed
    in UPGRADE.

  • Updated the MySQL tables to utilise MySQL 4.1 features.

  • Removed hard-coded formats for dates/times and made them configuration

  • Implemented the ability to configure the default booking
    description with $default_description.

Plus a number of other bug fixes/changes.
See NEWS or ChangeLog in the release for more details.


John Beranek

Posted by John Beranek 2011-02-09