MRBS supporting more databases

Meeting Room Booking System Development version

Dear testers / contributors,

MySql and postgreSQL are fine and free, but some people may want to run mrbs
with their current DBMS and don't want to install a new one just for MRBS.

This is an attempt to replace the existing database wrappers with a new one
that supports more DBMS. We choosed MDB class, not because it supports more
DBMS than other classes (it does not), but because it has the higher level in
database abstraction layer to assure true database independance, making use of
its own database field types.

During the move, my goal was to adhere strictly to the previous code. If a
previous sql command did not check for error, so I do. This is exactly the
same MRBS version as you know, base on the august current cvs snapshot, so
there is no change to other mrbs features.

We release this mrbs-dev package so that people can test it. Right now
mrbs-dev should run with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, FrontBase,
Interbase/Firebird and Microsoft SQL Server database systems. Other DBMS
may be supported in the future.
I say should, because although the new database wrapper claims to works
with these DBMS, I tested it only against MySQL. In fact I need :

  • Tests against other databases.

  • Find typos bugs that are not present in mrbs.

  • Find if all SQL statements are standards enough to run on these DBMS (for
    example, some databases don't accept field names in WHERE statements if they
    are not also specified in the SELECT statement)

  • The new database wrapper does not cover all previous wrapper function. In
    particular, we need help on these functions that remains database specific :

    • sql_mutex_lock
    • sql_version
    • sql_syntax_caseless_contains (slashing/escaping)
  • Correct documentation (english is not my mother tongue)

To know how to use the new database API, please see README.sqlapi.
From tests results, this package may or may not become the main mrbs
package. If not it will be dropped.

Thierry bothorel

Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2003-09-17