You need to add a value attribute to your checkbox input, for example value="yes".   (Note also that the variable won’t be passed through if the checkbox is not ticked.)   The variables aren’t passed through appended to the URL because the form method is POST (or at least it is in recent versions of MRBS).


As for your last point, it’s already there.    In the latest release of MRBS you can add a custom field as a checkbox and make it mandatory in the config.






From: Greg Pullman []
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Subject: [MRBS-general] Custom checkbox on edit_entry not being passed through to edit_entry_handler.php



I need a checkbox on the form where people say they've read the conditions before making a booking. I've implemented this in edit_entry.php as follows:

        <label>I have read and agree to be bound by the <u><a href="#conditions-of-booking">conditions of booking this facility</a></u>.</label>
        <div class="group">
                <label><input class="checkbox" name="conditions" type="checkbox"></label>

and in the validate function:

if (form.conditions.checked == false) {
alert ("You must accept the conditions of booking this facility before continuing.");
return false;

That works fine when Javascript is enabled. But the variables seem not to be being passed through to edit_entry_handler.php because when I have javascript turned off the form is submitted if the box is not ticked. I've poked around a bit but can't see how form variables are being appended to the URL for use by edit_entry_handler.php. As you can see I tried to save the value of

Could someone please walk me through the last bit of this process? As an aside, is there any reason not to add this as an option for admins to turn on?




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