It would probably take a fair bit of work.   The difficulty with doing it for the generalised case is the lack of screen space:  how do you show the different time slots if you’ve already used one axis for rooms and the other for days?


By the way, the linked bookings branch provides the ability to treat a booking of a number of rooms for the same event as a single booking so that when you go to edit or delete that booking you only have to do it once, not once for every room.   With luck I’ll be able to get back to that soon and finish it off and integrate it into the trunk.





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Sent: 06 August 2013 13:10
Subject: [MRBS-general] Different view / different colors




is it possible to get a view that looks like the day view but for month? Should look like: all days of the actual month on the left side(y-axis) (01.07.2013,...) and the names of the rooms on the top (x-axis).

i have not much php experience so i don't know if its much work or not ;) Maybe someone builded such a view for himself in the past?


I tried already the linked-bookings branch because of the "all-rooms" feature in the month view but as all the rooms have the same color it doesn't help much if u want to see clearly which room is still free in which period. I know i can set different colors with chaning categories (internal/external) but i dont want the users to assign the colors.