My solution was to enclose all the MRBS files in a namespace, eg



namespace MRBS;


Then as far as I remember there are a few places where you have to use a global function.    See the PHP documentation on namespace for more details.


The other way of doing it could be to comment out the utf8_ functions in that cause conflicts, but then you’d have to be sure they are functionally equivalent to their Joomla alternatives.


What puzzles me though is that it seems that the author of the bridge doesn’t have any problems, so I’m not entirely sure that I’ve been using the bridge properly.  But I hit exactly the same error messages as you.





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Hi Campbell,

thanks for your reply. But I have a problem with the joomla Integration:
Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare utf8_substr() (previously declared in /www/htdocs/v101525/hp/libraries/phputf8/mbstring/core.php:98) in /www/htdocs/v101525/hp/reservierung_halle/ on line 1159

Do you have a solution for me?

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is it possible to authenticate in the mrbs with joomla 3 users?

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