#268 Facility Time for setting up room


We're looking at moving from a Lotus Notes based room booking system to mrbs, one of the features of our current system that we would like to retain is the option to make certain rooms unavailable to book for a period of time (typically 30 minutes) before any existing meeting booking whilst the facilities management team setup the chairs, tables etc.


  • Anonymous

    We actually have the same need : we use MRBS not for booking rooms but electric bikes and after a bike is returned we need to make the bike unavailable before a new booking so its battery gets some time for recharging.

    Unavailability might be xxx minutes or a % of the duration of the last booking.

    Ideally (1), a pseudo booking would be showing in the calendar (different background color).

    Ideally (2), pseudo bookings could be "overwritten" if a user does insist on making a new booking within the "unavailability period".

  • We added two fields to mrbs_entry and mrbs_repeat as described in the documentation. These are actual_start and actual_end. We use these fields for a variety of custom reports (e.g. daily copy of some event types to a web page calendar). To facilitate completing these fields as drop-down lists, I had to add a bit of code to edit_entry.php. This is not the same, but in my experience, the customization was easy.

    I agree this would be a good feature, ideally to have a default time that can be changed for any booking. If we had this, I would not have had to do the custom job.



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