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#235 prevent user to go back month, week and year


can i modify the code so it is possible that i can prevent user to go back to past weeks, month and years? the user should not see past bookings, only in the actual week and month. a year and day view i dont have.

it must also be impossible to change the link to, and so comes at a date before the actual month or week.


  • Can you explain a little bit more why you don't want users to see past bookings? Is it because you don't want them to edit or delete them? If so then you know that you can prevent this already?



  • Anonymous

    this is a mrbs and no showroom for bookings long time ago :) I think. It's uninteresting what bookings was before one month or a year ago. it goes no one about something to. only the current and future bookings are interesting.

    My Idea is to limit the weeks and month to go back. If an user clicks on "go one month back" or "...forward" it is only for 1 month possible.otherwise the link to go back/forward is not shown.
    if an user click "go one week back" "...forward" it is possible as long as he is in the same month or +/- 2 Weeeks if an month overlaped another otherwise nothing happens.

    is a simple if clause in the week.php or month.php possible? something like that:
    if actual date - 7 days in actual month then click is possible
    else no click is possible

    it must also be impossible to change the link in the browserbar, that nobody can view a date that dont correspond to the rules above.

    in my modified mrbs it is only for admins possible to edit or delete bookings. but of interest, how can i prevent the delete or edit of past bookings?



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