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I am trying to implement MRBS at a university. So far i'm really impressed! I am wondering if it is possible to have an administration page for imap logins. I imagine this would require populating imap logins in to the user db. The reason I want to do this is so imap users can give each other admin rights without needing to edit the config. But also in the future I would like user's to be affiliated with the courses they teach. So the user JBlogs who teaches Art, Drama and Music can only book (and see his) rooms under these course titles. I currently have the drop down for the field names to serve this but having every lesson of every course in one dropdown becomes laborious for the lecturers to find their classes.


  • craaig

    Ok so i've managed to merge the IMAP with the DB authentication. Replaced the level check from auth_imapphp.inc with the one from auth_db.inc completely. And added a bit of code to add the imap username to the database if not already in there as soon as they first login. It was pretty simple in the end! This is probably half way there now, redefined the edit_users.php variable so now everyone gets a user list.

    Next step is to force the user list page to display a profile for that user (same as what comes up when you click add user/ edit user, and now every user has a record on the db I can get much more creative with what each user can do.



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