#293 Draging an entry with mouse cause the reservation to jump to next room


Dragging a reservation with the mouse in day view- just expanding the time slot - say from 2 to 3 hrs, results in having the reservation jumping to the next room. This does happen only in second up to forelast rooms, i.e not in the first room and not in the last room. Is there any tipp how to prevent his? (testing on local host , W7 with XAMMP).

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  • The problem was nothing to do with the jQuery version as I found it was still happening. It turns out to be caused by IE for some reason not respecting the position: absolute property of the outline div. Instead it gave it a relative position which caused it to appear somewhere to the bottom and right of the booking being resized. This in turn caused IE to produce a vertical scrollbar, which then altered the table size but didn't alter the size of the booking. This then led to the JavaScript calculating that the booking belonged to the next room. (The appearance of the scrollbar also explains why it appeared to go away when Developer Tools was enabled - because the scrollbar was there in the first place and so the dimensions didn't change.)

    I've fixed the problem in Rev 2837 by adding !important to the property to stop IE overriding it - though I'm not sure why it does so in the first place.

    See also https://sourceforge.net/p/mrbs/bugs/300/


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