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I upgraded from 1.2.6 to version of MRBS.
Apparently the migration was ok and I have all my data.
During migration my users (3, all of them being admins) were correctly "imported" with their correct "rights" as I can checked by using phmyadmin.
However, if I enter into MRBS as one of these admins and I want to see "Table of users" to modify something about them (for example their rights) or for adding other users, I see what I attach in the 2 images, ie the "Rights" (= Diritti) selection box does not show any number (0,1,2) even if it has 3 lines I can choose from, and also the 'rights' column apper empy for all the users.
No idea for this.
Leopoldo Saggin


  • Anonymous

    Image(s) showig the problem

  • I suspect this is because you have set the default language to Italian in the config file by setting

    $default_language_tokens = "it";

    and because the lang.it file is missing some of the language tokens you're getting no string output. The solution for this is either

    (1) to set the default language to "en" and let MRBS choose the language from the browser setting. Assuming your users have their browsers' language settings set to Italian, MRBS will use the strring if present in the lang,it file, otherwise it will take it from the lang.en file

    (2) or else you could add the missing tokens into the lang.it file. The ones you need for rights are

    // User access levels
    $vocab["level_0"] = "none";
    $vocab["level_1"] = "user";
    $vocab["level_2"] = "admin";
    $vocab["level_3"] = "user admin";

    but there will also be other missing ones.



  • Anonymous

    It was exacly as you suggested. Many tnx!
    Leopldo Saggin

    PS: This hovever arises another question: do you mean that not all the "vocabulary" used in the mrbs program has been put into the "language.php"? The strings (variables) you reported in your comment were not present both in the english and into italian "language.php".

  • The strings are not held in language.php but in the various lang.* files. The complete set of vocabulary is in lang.en, but unfortunately there are some gaps, such as the one you came across, in the other lang files.


  • John Beranek
    John Beranek

    The reported issue was fixed - the remainder (the incomplete translation) is another. Closing this bug...

    • status: open --> closed
    • milestone: --> Future_Requests


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