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Multi Password Generator / News: Recent posts

mpwdgen Roadmap

As I'm using Lazarus/FPC in another aplication, I discovered it would be easier to use Lazarus native (gettext) localization features instead of creating a home made one. So I'm changing the mpwdgen roadmap and I will migrate to Lazarus sooner than planned.

The current roadmap is:

  • Add an option to avoid repeated passwords [v1.1]
  • Migrate from Delphi to Lazarus/Free Pascal [v1.2]
  • English localization [v1.2]
  • Export generated passwords to OpenOffice.org [v2.0]
  • Linux version [v2.0]... read more
Posted by Joao Marcelo 2009-11-23

mpwdgen v1.0 released

I'm proud to announce the release of Multi Password Generator v1.0.

Multi Password Generator is a Windows application which lets you create a list of random passwords with one single click. The user may combine letters and numbers with special characters and all the passwords can be exported to file (txt, csv, xls) or copied to the clipboard.

Multi Password Generator v1.0 includes the following features:
- Generates passwords with 1 to 256 characters in length
- Can create thousands of passwords at one time
- Passwords may have lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers or special characters
- Choose which special characters to use
- Exclude some characters from the password
- Copy generated passwords to the clipboard
- Export generated passwords to text files (txt, csv) or MS Excel spreadsheets
- Brazilian Portuguese interface... read more

Posted by Joao Marcelo 2009-09-10

First source code commit

Finally, the first source code commitment happened!! This code is an old version of the application and is fully functional, although the only interface is Brazilian Portuguese.
I hope soon release the related Windows binary.

Posted by Joao Marcelo 2009-08-10