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mpop / News: Recent posts

mpop 1.0.21 is released!

This minor update mainly fixes build problems with newer OpenSSL versions and with disabled TLS/SSL support.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2010-07-03

mpop 1.0.18 is released!

This release adds support for delivery to Exchange pickup directories and fixes some minor problems.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2009-09-09

mpop 1.0.17 is released!

This release fixes some minor glitches.
The source code repository moved from CVS to Git.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2009-04-11

mpop 1.0.16 is released!

This release adds support for storing passwords in the GNOME keyring.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-12-27

Mpop 1.0.15 released!

This release fixes two bad bugs that prevented mpop from correctly retrieving mails under certain cicumstances. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-09-18

mpop 1.0.14 is released!

The following changes are noteworthy in this release:

- A new approach to handle UIDs further improves mpop's performance, especially with large mail boxes (many thousands of mails).

- TLS/SSL configurability is improved by the new commands tls_crl_file, tls_priorities, and tls_min_dh_prime_bits.


Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-06-07

mpop: 1.0.13 is released!

mpop is a small and fast POP3 client. Features include mail filtering, delivery to mbox files, maildir folders or a mail delivery agent, a very fast POP3 implementation, many authentication methods, good TLS/SSL support, IPv6 support, and more.

Support to store passwords using the Mac OS X keychain was added by Jay Soffian. Performance problems when using GnuTLS were fixed.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2008-03-13

mpop 1.0.12 released!

This release fixes some minor bugs.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-11-29

LinuxUser has an article on mpop

The LinuxUser Magazine (in german) has an article about mpop in issue 10/2007, to be released on September 20, 2007. The article was written by Andreas Kneib.

The magazine already ran an article by the same author on msmtp in issue 04/2005. Msmtp shares much of its source code with mpop.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-09-18

mpop 1.0.11 released!

Bug fixes and improvements for large POP3 mail boxes with thousands of mails were made, thanks to Dimitrios Apostolou.
The license was updated to GPLv3 or later (source code) and GFDLv1.2 or later (documentation).

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-08-01

mpop 1.0.10 released!

A bug in the UID handling code was fixed. The bug was introduced in version 1.0.7.

As a consequence, if you update from version 1.0.7-1.0.9, the first invocation of this new mpop version will download all mails from the server, even mails that were retrieved before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-06-07

mpop 1.0.9 released!

This is a security update.

Security fix: APOP authentication is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. See CVE-2007-1558. Such attacks might lead to password disclosure. Therefore, mpop does not use APOP automatically without TLS anymore. Additionally, the checks on the APOP challenge were too lax in previous versions of mpop, making attacks easier than necessary. This has been fixed.

Security improvement: NTLM authentication is not used automatically without TLS anymore.... read more

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-04-09

mpop 1.0.8 released!

This version has improved capability detection for servers that are not 100% standards compliant. For example, POP3 pipelining is now automatically used for pop.gmail.com and some other servers.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-03-20

mpop 1.0.7 released!

This version now works with the Comcast.net POP3 server, thanks to a patch by Benji Fisher.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-01-29

mpop 1.0.6 released!

The default setting for pipelining is now "auto". "on" and "off" now have a slightly different meaning: they force pipelining on or off regardless of server capabilities.

If you use pipelining=on and your POP3 sessions hang, switch to pipelining=auto.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2007-01-21

mpop 1.0.5 released!

This hotfix release fixes yet another build problem.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-11-06

mpop 1.0.4 released!

Some minor build problems were fixed, and the gnulib portability library was updated.
Using OpenSSL on Mac OS X works again.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-11-05

mpop 1.0.3 released!

Support for GNU SASL was fixed (it was broken in 1.0.2).
A spanish translation was added by Carlos Martín Nieto. Thanks a lot!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-09-23

mpop 1.0.2 released!

Minor bugs were fixed, and some portability issues were solved. The configuration command tls_force_sslv3 was added. This is needed to use TLS/SSL with some old and broken servers

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-08-20

mpop 1.0.1 released!

Minor bugs were fixed, and some portability issues were solved.
The default UIDLS file changed from ~/.mpop_uidls to ~/.mpop_uidls/%U_at_%H.
%U and %H will be replaced with the user and host name of an account.
This means that every account uses its own UIDLS file now.

If you update from mpop-1.0.0, you must do one of the following:
- If your ~/.mpop_uidls file contains no UIDs, delete it.
- If you want to keep using it, add the following line to the "defaults" section of your configuration file:
uidls_file ~/.mpop_uidls

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-07-22

mpop 1.0.0 released!

mpop 1.0.0 is released.
Finally :)

Thanks to everybody who helped with this.

This release adds the --all-accounts (-a) option to query all accounts in the configuration file.

Some bugs were fixed, so everybody is invited to upgrade to this version.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-05-25

mpop 0.8.5 released!

Again, one more beta release before 1.0.0.
This time, my excuse is the large number of small changes, and the addition of optional support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) via GNU Libidn.
Please test this release!

New in this release:
- Removed the simple_mbox delivery method because it is unnecessary. Please use
the mbox method instead.
- Optional support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) was added.
GNU Libidn is required for this.
- mpop will now respond to CTRL+C immediately, because all network operations
are now interruptible.
- The options of the configure script have changed! Please read the file INSTALL
for more information.
- Some minor bugfixes and improvements were made.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-03-18

mpop 0.8.4 released!

One more beta release before 1.0.0, because a bug fix and a feature addition introduced some new code. Please test this release!
Binaries for Windows are available again.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2006-02-14

mpop 0.8.3 released!

Only a few minor tweaks were made in preparation of the upcoming 1.0.0 release.

The development moved to a public CVS repository on SourceForge. Everyone is invited to participate!

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-12-27

mpop 0.8.2 released!

This release fixes some minor glitches.
Please note: Previous versions of mpop carried the additional note that "compiling, linking, and/or using OpenSSL is allowed". This is no longer the case, because mpop uses gnulib modules that are released under the GNU GPL, and the note above does not apply to these modules.
It is still OK to download the mpop sources and build binaries that are linked against OpenSSL, but it may be problematic to distribute those binaries (I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure about this).
If you want to avoid the OpenSSL licensing problems, consider using GnuTLS. It's the default anyway.

Posted by Martin Lambers 2005-08-15