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#12 Opera browser support requested

Scott Grayban

There is a huge discussion on how to get the plugin to
work in Opera at
topic.dml?id=117477&t=1137121830 -- there is even a
hack to make it work but I really think this should be
handled at the developer level for the plugin.

I hope the developers will consider making the plugin
work in opera. Alot of us would really like it.


  • Kevin DeKorte
    Kevin DeKorte

    • status: open --> closed
  • Kevin DeKorte
    Kevin DeKorte

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    I read the posting in that group and I think there are a
    couple of things you need to understand.

    1. If you compile mplayerplug-in with gecko-sdk 1.6 and use
    the flag --enable-x mplayerplug-in will work with Opera, but
    the buttons won't be there and the functionality is limited.
    I know this works, I have done it myself and I have
    documented it in the mail archive on more than one occasion.

    2. The reason the buttons arn't there is that mplayerplug-in
    requires the GTK event queue that firefox and mozilla are
    using. Mplayerplug-in uses GTK and attaches itself to the
    GTK event queue within the browser. Since Opera is written
    with QT at the widget toolkit it does not have the
    foundation that mplayerplug-in depends on


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    Opera support would be very very nice!

  • Scott Grayban
    Scott Grayban

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    I don't understand why the plugin has to written so that
    certain browsers are not included.

    Is there not a way to be generic when coding this? Or how
    about a check to see what browser is calling it and have it
    switch to the correct code or calls?

    And if its so easy to make the changes you have so often
    posted on the mailing list why not just make a plugin for
    opera then?

    Your basically saying what IE does now with there activeX
    code. Its not IE so we aren't going to let it work with
    another browser.

    I really do not understand the concept some coders have
    about supporting there programs so it works.

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    No chance of a QT version so that it'll work in opera?

  • Kevin DeKorte
    Kevin DeKorte

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    There are no plans for a QT version of mplayerplug-in.
    However, if someone wanted to take the code and fork it and
    create a version that is a possibility. But, I am not
    planning on doing it.