2008/7/17 Christophe-Marie Duquesne <chm.duquesne@gmail.com>:
I read carefully this answer, I am not sure I have understood everything : by embeding a terminal, I did not mean doing something serverside. What I want to do seemed simple to me (but when I read you it's not anymore :) ) : I want to run a local terminal normally, like when I run it in gnome. The only difference is that I want this terminal to be ran inside the firefox window, whereas normally it would be run in its own window. And that is really the only difference.

To make a long description short : I want to replace text fields by instances of local terminals.

When you say "Plugger is a generic way to embed application output from your local machine into a webpage for data the webpage delivered." I feel this is exactly what I want to do : I want to embed xterm output from my local machine into a webpage for data (the locations of text fields zones) the webpage delivered. Why would I want to use ssh?


ok, i misunderstood you, i thought you were trying to run a terminal session through apache over the net. I read a little about plugger, so i have to correct myself. It is only aimed at multimedia playpack, i don't know if it can be tweaked to your needs. Xembed sounds more promising here, though you probably still have to code your own browser plugin for it and you'll need a terminal, that talks Xembed and provides the neccessary controls. But from what I read so far, this is quite possible.
http://multimedia.cx/diamondx/ and http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2005/08/10/playing-around-with-xembed/ might help you with further info.


Peter Marquardt