Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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Benjamin Sher wrote:
Dear Kevin:

Using PCLINUXOS .93 Minime.

When I click on the RealPlayer icon on the Russian web site Svoboda at:

(Click on the RealPlayer link right below the orange line).

it brings up mplayerplugin. I really prefer to use Realplayer. I have, 
of course, unchecked RealPlayer in the mplayerplug-in conf file. I know 
there is a way to do this in Firefox by configuring the file extension 
(ram, rm, rpm, etc.) in Edit, Preferences, Downloads, Download Actions. 
It lists Shockwave Flash as the default player for swf files. But I 
can't figure out how to do this for the RealPlayer extensions. I would 
appreciate your help in how to do this. By the way, when I click on the 
same link in Konqueror, it gives me the option of selecting RealPlayer. 
Why can't I do that in Firefox? How do I get the RealPlayer link in 
Firefox to bring up RealPlayer instead of mplayerplugin?

Thank you.



Did you uncheck real player support in the config dialog or thru the
config file? If you did it thru the config file make sure you delete the
pluginreg.dat file  in ~/.mozilla and maybe in ~/.firefox or
~/.mozilla/firefox. You may have to do this anyway even if you did it
via the config dialog.

As for the realplayer stuff... I have no idea as I don't use it. You
should ask someplace else about that.


Dear Kevin:

Thanks so much. You are right. I deleted the ~/mozilla/plugin
reg.dat file and the ~/firefox/pluginreg.dat files and restarted Firefox. Now I can open the URL in RealPlayer. Thanks again.