Kevin DeKorte wrote:
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Benjamin Sher wrote:
Dear Kevin:

[Using the latest 3.25 plugin]

Just wondering. The NBC Nightly News and Meet the Press videos on MSNBC
work fine, but the videos elsewhere on MSNBC do not. For instance, the
videos on the Chris Matthews new show at:

Any idea why some work and others don't?

Thank you so much.


This won't work, Microsoft ties this website to their software. I have
been unsuccessful in reverse engineering what they are doing.


Dear Kevin:

Thank you for the info and thank you for trying. We all appreciate your endless efforts to make as much of Windows streaming media as possible accessible to us in Linux.

Just one question: do you think it will ever be possible to reverse engineer such web sites? Is it hopeless? And is the situation getting better or worse?

Thank you.