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On 12/16/06, Kevin DeKorte <> wrote:
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I'm getting ready to package up the next version of mplayerplug-in... It
has been a longtime coming and this list of changes are long. So I would
like to hear if there are any problems..

You can use CVS or the daily source on the website for testing... If I
don't hear anything over the weekend, expect a release on Monday.


Improve entryref handling in ASX files
Fix the fallback more correctly
Fall back to URL playing when, local file won't play
Improved ASX detection
Help with passing mouse click thru to desktop on Fullscreen
Simplified Chinese translation by Yang Hong
Cleanup allocated pointers from config options
Add config file option "profile"
Cleanup and
Log no media cache setting when in debug mode
Fixed incorrect video resize in NP_FULL mode
Add Volume Percent to tooltip text
Updated nl.po file
Fix problem with href videos (Apple HD sites) cancelled flag was not
cleared correctly
Fix problem in playlist when using hrefs and clicking/selecting second time
Fix for xv output in mplayer see
Implement SetVolume and GetVolume javascript methods
Fixed volume button placement for HD windows
Use mplayer softvol option by default, can disable with config option
Correct some minor compiler warnings
Mark an item as played when you get a 404, but not everything in the
mirror list
        Allows trying the next mirror in the list
In ASF Reference files mark everything in the reference file as a mirror
In ASX 3.0 files recognise entry with multiple hrefs as mirror sites
and only play one of the mirror sites per entry. This prevents playing
thesame commercial once per mirror site, like at
Updated hu translation by Gabor Keleman
Added volume control, use mouse wheel to control
Updated nl.po by Luuk Mulder
Fix logo display
Initial support for video/x-flv mimetype
Updated Polish Translation from Julian Sikorski
Unfix the fullscreen button, as it causes other major issues
Fix problem with fullscreen button click being passed to desktop
Have drawing_area properly respond to dynamic resizing of embed window
Added video/3gpp mimetype
Updated Polish Translation from Julian Sikorski
Change from transparentatstart to displaysize
Add FLAC audio support, based on patch from Stuart Longland FR # 1560038
Fix for bug 1559591 French Translation issue
Make transparentatstart embed option, make the player in it's own window
Make tv:// be recognized as a streaming type of URL
Reorganize tv patch
Added embed arguments: tvdriver,tvinput,tvwidth,tvheight and tvoutfmt
Added config arguments: tv-driver, tv-input, tv-width, tv-height and
Change allowable zero cache fill tries from 1 to 3
Parse StreamTitle coming from ICY server, and show it
Fix problem with .pls playlist files where they start with [playlist]

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