Flashplayer interfers with MPlayerPlugin

  • Wolfgang Knauf
    Wolfgang Knauf

    Hi !

    this side (http://www.welde.de/) contains a small video. If I open it with my browser the video is downloaded, the mplayerplugin stops.  Rightclick -> "Play" displays "Getting playlist" and then switches to "stop". MPlayer plugin is 3.35

    I found that it must be a matter of my flashplayer plugin ( Beta 2)
    When I delete the flashplayer plugin the video will be displayed.

    The test samples from http://fredrik.hubbe.net/plugger/test.html do not work either if I have the above mentioned page open on another firefox tab:
    Quicktime (old codec), AVI (divx), AVI (radius cinepak) all fail.
    MPEG works !
    If I close the tab with www.welde.de on it all videos work again.

    Strange, isn't it ;-). Probably a bug in Flashplayer, but I will start here.


    • Kevin DeKorte
      Kevin DeKorte

      I hate sites that alter my browser window... BUT! with the current CVS code of mplayerplug-in and Flash Player 9 beta 2 this site works perfectly for me.

      You may want to see if your audio device is being held (try null or esd or sdl:esd as the ao). OSS most likely causes the audio lock. Or you may have an alsa card that does not support hardware channels.

      Also, sounds like you might need a newer mplayer and the essential codec packs.

    • Wolfgang Knauf
      Wolfgang Knauf

      My MPlayer is 1.0rc1 with essential-20061022.tar.bz2. Ist there anything newer ?

      Soundcard is a Soundblaster Audigy 2 (driver: snd-emu10k1). Sorry but I don't understand what you mean with "try null or esd or sdl:esd as the ao" :-(.

      I forgot to mention that I built mplayerplugin against a gecko sdk from the firefox 2.0 sources (which fails in the middle at some Xulrunner lib, but the geckosdk seems to be created) and I run it in a firefox 2.

      I tried the current CVS version, but no difference.

      Starting firefox from console gives this output when opening the page:
      Flash Player: Warning: environment variable G_FILENAME_ENCODING is set and is not UTF-8
      (Gecko:8981): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_progress_set_percentage: assertion `percentage >= 0 && percentage <= 1.0' failed

    • Wolfgang Knauf
      Wolfgang Knauf

      Just tried it with the official GeckoSDK 1.8.04 from here: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Gecko_SDK
      Same problem, so it does not seem to be problem of building against the Geckosdk from the firefox 2 sourceball.

      The console error messages from my previous post do not come up on first accessing the page, but after each reload.

    • pheldens

      it works here

      mplayerplug-in 3.35 (installed for all supported mediatypes)
      Shockwave Flash 9.0 d55

    • Wolfgang Knauf
      Wolfgang Knauf

      Just installed the Flashplayer 9 final, and it works !

      Flashplayer is now the first plugin in the list at "about:plugins", before is was quite below in the list, don't know why. And the final flashplayer once again has an xpt file, the betas were missing it.