Black Bar When Using "mini" GUI.

  • Hello.  I've been attempting to get my slider controls with the mini GUI, and all I seem to get is a black bar at the bottom.  I'm having it slect the mini GUI in the options file, and it does do something.  Here's a pic of what it looks like.

    I had to use X11 output for this.  The black bar at the bottom is smaller.  When I use XV output it is about 4 times as wide from top to bottom.

    Any ideas?  I've never had overlay problems before.  Maybe it's a driver issue?  MPlayer is fine otherwise though.

    BTW.  Cool plug-in.  I was looking for something like this.  I hated having to tell my girlfriend that my Linux machine could play those movie trailers very easily.  Gives Tux a bad image.  ;)

    • Kevin DeKorte
      Kevin DeKorte

      what does your mplayerplug-in.conf file look like?

    • use-gui=mini

      That's it.  Should I ad something else?

    • Kevin DeKorte
      Kevin DeKorte

      does this command work with gmplayer

      gmplayer -skin mini {some movie}

    • It loads the player, but doesn't load the GUI.   Not sure why.  It's in my Skins directory.

    • Joe Mooney
      Joe Mooney

      It turns out that the permissions on all the files were incorrectly set.  I forget the actual mode, but it should be apparant by comparing the permissions to those of a skin that does work.

    • Kevin DeKorte
      Kevin DeKorte

      I have looked at this with the mplayer team and there is a bug in mplayer if your display is not running in 24 bit mode and you are using gmplayer (I had the same issue). Upgrade to the current CVS of mplayer and the GUI should work again.

    • Well, I am in 24 bit color mode, and I'm using the 1.0pre 1 release.  Of course, the fix might not be in this fork of the release, but that doesn't explain why it's still not working in 24 bit mode.